Air Conditioner Services

Air Conditioner Services

Wash Cleaning and Air clearing dust from your Indoor unit / Outdoor AC units is a requirement which cannot be avoided from and it is necessary to be care time to time servicing to ensure safe working and healthy air of the units.

We, at Appliances Care Solutions are well experienced to maintain these type of servicing requirement been it home AC or commercial AC. It is always need to provide maximum protection and helping it to perform better at the end saving power energy.

We have four (4) type of Service;

Window AC Split AC
Dry Service 350/- 450/-
Wet/Wash Service 550/- 650/-
Jet Pump Service 750/- 850/-
BDS Service 1250/-
How can we help you?

If your appliances need repairing, inspected or maintained, Appliances Care Solutions service offers fast, expert help. ACS Service is available by phone or online.

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