Window and Split AC

Air Conditioner on Hire

Many people shift residence a lot sometimes it is to a different city and sometimes within the same city. Changing accommodation locations within a city occurs when one is staying in a rented accommodation. Air Conditioner on Hire is required the most at this juncture

With no permanent home, it is preferable to hire an air conditioner than to own one and have an additional piece of luggage. An air conditioner is heavy and cumbersome.

Commercial AC Rental Services

In addition to being amongst the leading air conditioning dealers, we serve as AC on-rent provider in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to commercial establishments. If you need cost-effective on-hire air conditioning solutions for corporate events, such as exhibitions, seminars, launch shows, and parties, we can help.

Whether you need split or floor mounted packaged ACs for indoor exhibitions or energy-efficient chillers, we can provide valuable assistance that fit your HVAC needs. We are a one-stop rental provider that can handle everything from planning, rental, leasing, installation, and dismantling.

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