Washing Machine Services

Washing Machine ServicesDo you find Washing Machine cleaning a difficult, laborious task?

At, Appliance Care Solutions, washing machine services specialists have the expertise to tackle, drum cleaning of multi brand models to get great results from any front-load or top-load washing machine.

Retaining your washing machine’s sterling finish is imperative and our unique range of cleaning solutions will make it sparkle! What’s more, the ‘no added caustic’ formula is safe to use on any surface – enameled, chrome or stainless steel – working to protect the finish of your clean washing machine.

Unseen Stain & Germs

Unseen Stain & Germs stay inside your washing machine on the other side of the drum, between the inner and the outer tub. Without specific tools and handy works, you cannot reach or see the other side of the drum and definitely, you don’t know it’s dirty.

Washing Machine Cleaners

There are tips to clean washing machine tub with washing machine cleaners like baking soda or Vinegar, even some (modern) types of washing machines have a tub cleaning function, and you are supposed to do it monthly. But the result is uncertain. Are you sure your washing machine is clean enough?

What Do We Do?

We will disassemble your washing machine, open the drum to separate the tub and the housing, then we can see how it’s dirty and we will clean it with a high-pressure cleaner and water (only). The stain and germs if any will be blown away without any chemical.

For fully trained, reliable and friendly washing machine cleaning service technician contact or call: 9029880008 or Book Online. Our cleaning service is completely safe and eco-friendly cleaning service center 24/7 available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane area.

How can we help you?

If your appliances need repairing, inspected or maintained, Appliances Care Solutions service offers fast, expert help. ACS Service is available by phone or online.

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