Air Conditioner Installations

Air Conditioner InstallationsInstallations & Fitting Solutions

Have you bought a new air conditioner unit or want to swift your existing unit to a different location or you want to install a removed unit at your place then we are the right people who can serve you at the best quote and expertise fitting solutions.

You would not need to worry about any fitting issues as we are experienced enough to get the work done as per technical terms and looking to restore your value for money paid. Kindly let us know if we can be of any help to you.

Standard Rate of Split AC Installation : Rs. 1500/- Per AC;

  • Indoor unit fitting
  • Out door unit on floor
  • Copper piping & sleeve 3mtr

Extra Charges as follows, if require;

  • Wall mount brackets @ Rs.550/- + Rs.200/- = Rs.750/-
  • Copper pipe @ Rs.160/- + Rs.60 = Rs.220/- per feet
  • Wet/Dry services @ Rs.450/-
  • Water drain pipe @ Rs.70/- per mtr.
  • Power Cable wire @ Rs.110/- per mtr.
  • Gas Top up / Refiling @ Rs.100/- per pound
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