Appliance Accessories & Spare Parts

Appliance Accessories & Spare PartsWidest Range of Spare Parts for Leading Brands

Widest range of appliance accessories and spare parts for leading brands are available for Washing Machine, Microwave, Refrigerator, air conditioner and other appliances.

  • Replace your old Washing Machine body to new body
  • Replace your Washing Machine body to new fiber body
  • All type of Washing Machine covers
  • Fridge and Washing Machine – heavy duty trolly / stand
  • Washing Machine outlet pipe / drain pipe
  • AC Accessories
  • Washing Machine Descale Powder (Drum Cleaner)
  • All types of AC Remote available

When buying original spare parts and accessories you can be sure that they are perfectly designed for your appliance. The same quality standards that are applied to our appliances are also applied to all original spare parts and accessories.

When purchasing your home appliance you made a conscious decision to choose the best quality. And this is why you should always rely on spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturer. Only original spare parts and accessories have the quality to guarantee the reliable functionality of your appliance.

ACS’s wide range of original accessories make it easier for you to use your appliances, more efficiently and more conveniently.

You can order original spare parts and accessories for your household appliance very easily. You can place orders for spare parts and accessories by phone 9029880008 or 9029109797.

You can also use our contact form to enquire about spare parts and accessories outside our regular business hours. If you do not know the name for a required spare part please simply describe the spare part.

How can we help you?

If your appliances need repairing, inspected or maintained, Appliances Care Solutions service offers fast, expert help. ACS Service is available by phone or online.

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