We are actively engaged in providing superior quality accessories for washing machine, refrigerator & AC etc.

Heavy duty trolly / stand suitable for all type of washing machine top load & front load.

Fridge stand fiber quality
Rubber leg stand for out door unit AC
AC wall mount bracket
AC wall mount bracket
AC Stand floor mount
100% Copper - Condenser coil make an order

Strength and reliability:

Copper is much easier to repair on field than aluminium. Many times, when aluminium coils are damaged they need replacement. The coils made out of copper are much more stronger than aluminium. Hence they are durable.

AC Accessories 4
Copper pipe with sleeves
  • Cleans, descales, sanitizes & deodorizes your appliances.
  • Keep your appliances in optimum condition & prolong their life.
  • Can be used with washing machine, dishwasher.
  • 100% biodegradable.
Descale powder for washing machine Drum cleaner- Front & Top load

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